Aromaland Jasmine & Clementine Hotel Hand Soap (1 Gallon)


Aromaland Jasmine & Clementine – Hand Soap (1 Gallon)

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Therapeutic Aromaland Jasmine and Clementine Hand Soap

  • Contains therapeutic grade essential oils
  • 100% Plant-Based Ingredients
  • Offers your hotel guests a hand soap without harmful chemicals or wasted plastic bottles
  • Gives off a therapeutic aroma for a mood boost with every wash

With Aromaland Jasmine & Clementine Hand Soap, your hotel guests get more than just your basic hand soap, they also get a therapeutic release of aroma that will help them feel physically and mentally refreshed after a thorough washing. Give your hotel guests the best experience possible when they wash their hands and refill your soap dispensers with Aromaland today!

What’s Included: 

  • One Gallon of Aromaland Jasmine & Clementine Hand Soap

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