EcoCents Dispenser Program

Better For…

Our Earth

Your Guests

Your Bottom line

The EcoCents Dispenser Program, a simply perfect amenity solution: high quality liquids and dispensers with no capital costs! FREE dispensers, FREE liquids and FREE shipping (lower 48 states) all for just pennies per occupied room. Hotels save 30 – 70% in costs while reducing waste by over 90% compared to traditional packaged amenities.

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What You Get
  • FREE dispensers
  • FREE personal care liquids
  • FREE shipping
What You Save
  • Labor (stop replacing plastic bottles daily)
  • Money (reduce amenity costs between 30 – 70%)
  • Waste (save 1000s of amenity packages annually)

High Quality Liquids
  • Made in USA
  • Paraben free
  • Biodegradable
  • No synthetic fragrances
Quality Brands

Why haven’t more hotels used dispensers in the past?

Four Reasons.

  1. Dispensers weren’t attractive.
  2. Liquid was all-in-one shampoo / soap. Travelers DO NOT want to wash their hair with the same product with which they wash their bodies.
  3. Cartridges were NOT leak proof.
  4. Guests were NOT informed about the quality of the product nor the environmental benefits of dispenser use.

How does Green Suites Hotel Solutions address these issues?

Four GOOD answers.

  1. We only use attractive, durable dispensers available in a variety of colors & finishes to match any bathroom décor.
  2. All dispensers are available in one, two, or three product varieties so that guests can be offered separate shampoo, soap and even conditioner in the shower and hand soap, lotion, or both at the vanity.
  3. Improved technology, product cartridges are leak-free and available in refillable or sealed, prefilled (non-refillable) options.
  4. Guest informational materials are available to help communicate the environmental impact of the dispenser & quality of products. Custom options available.

Do we have to buy the dispensers?

NO. Dispensers and liquids are all included with the EcoCents Dispenser Program.

Can we try the program before committing?

YES, Green Suites Hotel Solutions offers 30-60 day trials without commitment.