Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

"Guests love the quality of the green liquids and appreciate the environmental impact of the dispensers. Our housekeepers save a tremendous amount of time. Plus our hotels has saved $1,000s annually in personal care amenities. "

Howard Cohen

Vice President

Seattle, WA

Clise Properties Inc.

"Our company discovered the benefits of Nature’s Mist over 12 years ago. It is such a comforting feeling knowing that this high quality product is helping us provide an “odor free” experience for our guests. We use it in spray bottles for normal odors, and in carpet extractors and the “Green Machine” for heavy duty issues. The ability to attack tough odors and not lose revenue is very important to us. Keep up the good work!"

Scott Snyder

General Manager

Salem, Oregon

The Grand Hotel in Salem

"4 hotels in 4 countries and one product I wouldn't work without. "

Jean Keijdener

Executive Office

Seoul, Korea

Somerset Palace

"The Green Suites dispenser program allows us to greatly cut down on shipping in and disposing of, thousands of small amenity bottles and associated packaging, while at the same time, providing our guests with a quality product at a good value. We have received much encouragement and support from our guests on our “green” program."

Sylvia Lange


Cordova, Alaska

Reluctant Fisherman Inn

"Our guests appreciate the fact that we don’t have individual (complimentary size) bottles add to the local landfill. Green Suites’ service is great, too — one less thing for me to worry about! "

Lynn Acquard

Housekeeping & Grounds Supervisor

Appalachian Mountain Club

Bretton Woods, NH

"I have been using the Green Suites amenity dispenser program since 2012. It has been a "win win" for both the hotel and our guests. I love the time and cost savings while guests appreciate the superior products. I regularly have guests comment on how they like the convenience of not having to ask for extra bottles of shampoo and conditioner. We initially started the program for the green aspect of not sending thousands of amenity bottles to the landfills, but we have been pleasantly surprised by how well it has been received by our guests."

Todd Anderson

General Manager

Santa Rosa, CA

Heritage Hotel Group

"Since upgrading our properties in 2009 from bottled amenities to the Green Suites dispenser program, we have not only saved money on our overall amenity costs but we have significantly reduced waste from each one of our guest rooms. Plus our guests appreciate the higher quality products we are offering them all while doing our part to help save the environment."

Jeremy Grogg

Director of Sales

Newport News, VA

Kees Hospitality, LLC

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