Green Ideas for Hotels and Resorts

At Green Suites Hotel Solutions, our goal is to create high-quality products that are both good for consumers and the environment. We care about creating a change within the hotel industry by supplying innovative products that really make a difference. If you are looking for a way to make a difference yourself, we have the…

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New York Bans Mini Toiletry Bottles From Hotels

hotel toiletries

At Green Suites Hotel Solutions, we care about the environment. Our goal is and has always been to create high-quality products that are good for both people and the planet. Our eco-friendly hotel products are biodegradable, waste-reducing, and can always be reduced and recycled. Protecting our planet has become an essential task. The importance of…

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Mindfulness Through Zero Waste Living

Recently, many of us have been making frequent visits to stores and our favorite shops because of the holiday season. For most people, filling up the carts started way back during Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday discounts –which encouraged early pre-Christmas shopping. For those too busy to shop for discounted items, they have no…

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Attract More Hotel Guests By Going Green

Busy hotel staff and guest checking in

Eco-friendly hotels are becoming the “thing” with the steep rise in the number of “go-green” travelers. Eco-conscious guests want a closer experience with nature and wish to contribute to the improvement of the local region’s ecological situation. Hoteliers can achieve the status “eco-friendly” by making some changes in business methods.  When it comes to eco-friendly…

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How Your Hotel Can Stand Out in A Crowded Market

Group of staff and management go over hotel operations

The hospitality industry is among the most dynamic in the world, but also among the most competitive. With the rise of hotel chains and Airbnb, the industry is seeing immense changes with customers’ expectations constantly evolving. This leaves many hotels struggling to find their niche and create their own Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your USP…

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5 Simple Ways Hotels Can Innovate and Survive COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic shook the hospitality industry hard and turned many hotel and lodging businesses upside down. But, this isn’t all doom and gloom. The post-pandemic landscape may even be better than pre-pandemic because people — as naturally social beings — will want to “get away”. Due to the current suppression of travel, the lodging industry…

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5 Simple Ways to Increase Hotel Occupancy in Low Season

A “No Vacancy” sign outside the hotel is undeniably one of the best feelings for any hotelier! The peak season is really the best for hoteliers as they enjoy high demand and full occupancy. But how often does this happen? As owner or manager of a hotel, you know that seasonality is a key factor…

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Breaking the Plastic Habit with GREEN SUITES’ EcoCents

Major long-term benefits from using Green Suites’ bulk amenity dispensers include: Being kinder to the Planet: Because of our service, 500 million bottles are NOT in the ocean Plastic-ban compliant: Green Suites has been an enthusiastic participant in environmental protection for 3 decades — we broke the plastic habit before law mandated it Adds value…

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Switching to Hotel Amenity Dispensers is Good Business in a Pandemic

Covid Masks and plastic bottles

At the close of December 2020, the world has seen hope emerge. Included in that hope is resuming travel, as COVID-19 vaccines were approved in the US and UK. At some point this year, once enough people are vaccinated against the virus, this means a possible return to globetrotting and hopefully freer & safer domestic…

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The Impact of Hotel Waste and the EcoCents Program

Beautiful hardwood hotel room

In the hotel and hospitality industry, one of the most important things is that your guests be comfortable. Comfortable in their bedding, on their chairs, in their bathroom, and so on. The bathroom can be a particularly tricky area, because not only are you dealing with the cleanliness of the room itself in terms of…

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