Attract More Hotel Guests By Going Green

Eco-friendly hotels are becoming the “thing” with the steep rise in the number of “go-green” travelers. Eco-conscious guests want a closer experience with nature and wish to contribute to the improvement of the local region’s ecological situation. Hoteliers can achieve the status “eco-friendly” by making some changes in business methods. 

When it comes to eco-friendly hotels, no amenity distributor has been leading the way with innovative, money and waste saving programs as much as Green Suites’ Hotel Solutions over the past few decades. We help make hotels more efficient in a number of ways, number one being our bulk hotel amenities and our programs like EcoCents. Check out these green practices below and consider Green Suites for your amenity needs!

What Are Eco-Friendly Hotels?

Sustainable hotels are properties that reduce their environmental impact significantly by observing green best-practices in supplies, logistics, products, maintenance, and services. The primary elements revolve around saving energy, reducing waste, and cutting down on water usage. 

Things you can recycle to make your hotel greener


There are numerous ways a hotel can achieve sustainability, but we’ve rounded up proven ways to make your hotel truly environment friendly.

  1. Get Your Hotel Listed on Tripadvisor

They have a “GreenLeaders Program” section showcasing hotels that follow eco-friendly best practices, such as hotels going green with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). When you follow the rules of the platform and you’re eligible, you’d get ranked as a Green Hotel — making you visible to potential guests seeking eco-friendly offerings.

  1. Work on the Interior and Facade Design Details

Start by replacing textiles with natural fabrics, which applies to decors, towels, beddings, and curtains. You can forget about blinds made of artificial materials and synthetic tulle.

  1. Cut Down on Plastics

Serve drinks in glass bottles or carton packs. Refrain from using plastic containers when providing room service. It would also be great to replace snack packs that are in the minibar. Guests will appreciate that your hotel isn’t using unecessary plastic — which we know is harmful to nature. Once you roll this out, you can confidently put “We don’t use plastic” slogans on your website & social media.

  1. Collab With Green Businesses

You can reward visitors with discounts for buying refillable water bottles in your store or you can sell branded bottles in your gift shop. For toiletries that go in your rooms, partner with eco-friendly businesses that provide paper-wrapped vegan soaps, customized recycled tissue rolls, and other sustainable amenities.

Another option is to ditch single-use shampoo & conditioner bottles altogether and install refillable hotel dispensers, such as those provided by GreenSuites. Enjoy our Ecocents Dispenser Program, the nextgen of dispensers and liquid amenities from some of the best hotel amenity manufacturers in the industry. 

The added bonus? These boutique brands give guests the feeling that your products are a lavish luxury as they are hand-picked and curated.

  1. Be An Advocate for Recycling

Adding recycling bins in your rooms so that guests themselves can separate their trash — just like they’re accustomed to doing at home. You may print menus, local guides, and guest books on recycled paper. Have you tried having customized hotel notepads on recycled papers? It can be a great souvenir item, too!

  1. Invest In Green Housekeeping Practices

From cleaning products to laundry, a lot of energy goes into keeping your property neat and tidy. Housekeeping is a practical aspect to shore up costs and a great opportunity to implement more sustainable hotel practices.

While a clean hotel is critical to hospitality business’ success, using eco-friendly products whenever possible is equally important. GreenSuites Hotel Solutions has a selection of sustainable hotel supplies that will make cleaning safer for your staff and  more gentle on the environment.

  1. Invest in Solar Power

This is among the most significant steps towards sustainability that any hotelier can make. Hotels often have roof space that isn’t used and if you want to be remembered as an eco-hotel, solar energy is one of the most foolproof ways to reduce your ecological footprint. Plus, it will cut down on your electricity expenses — often gaged at between 4-6% of a hotel’s revenue.** Should you decide to go this route, you must promote this powerful green hotel practice to your guests and on your website & social media. People will take note.

  1. Consider Green Spaces and Garden Attractions

If location allows, adding more outdoor space to dine, gather, and play will boost your hotel’s sustainability. Greenery helps cool down your hotel naturally and can improve indoor air quality.

If you have an on-site restaurant, take advantage of the trend for locally sourced veggies & fruits by growing your own backyard or rooftop garden. This helps save you money on food costs, plus your garden could become an attraction in and of itself. By making it visually appealing, maybe even adding a gazebo, it can be used as a selling point that will attract travelers who are organic food fans or who just like to sit among nature.

Why Sustainable Hotel Practices Matter in the Long Run

There are two major considerations why hotel owners should adapt sustainable tourism practices: first, it’s a good way to attract more guests; second, it reduces costs in the long run. Taking the green route means significantly reducing water & energy consumption. Plus, following green tourism practices in your hotel is not only necessary for the planet, but a great gift for future generations. When you make these changes, you’ll be one of the many hotel owners that can take advantage of their green credentials to increase bookings and revenue.

To get started on your list of tasks to help you go greener, take care of your hotels’ amenity waste and reduce your impact on the environment by contacting Green Suites’ Hotel Solutions to get on your bulk amenities and amenity dispensers.

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