Nickname: “Feldy”
Hobbies: Traveling, movies, restaurants, camping, outdoor recreation, building futures
Heroes: My Mom, Anyone willing to forgive another, The Team here at Green Suites!
Aspirations: More travel, produce a podcast, write a book
Favorite Book: Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn
Favorite Movie: The Matrix
Eco Sin: The occasional Kerig cup – YIKES!

Customer Service
Nickname: “Mosh Dude”
Hobbies: Music, Cars, Outdoor Stuff
Heroes: My Dad and Grandfather
Aspirations: Finish College
Favorite Book: The Witcher
Favorite Movie: Back to the Future Part 1
Eco Sin: Pressing the Gas Pedal a Little too Hard!

Warehouse Manager
Nickname: “CJ”
Hobbies: Soccer, Video games
Heroes: Luke Skywalker
Aspirations: To own a business
Favorite Book: All Quiet on the Western Front
Favorite Movie: Star Wars
Eco Sin: I leave the faucet on when brushing my teeth


Warehouse Fill Production Lead
Nickname: “Lil Ellis”
Hobbies: Mountain biking, running, hiking, reading, photography, skateboarding
Heroes: God, Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather
Aspirations: To study more on human development, hone my photography skills, start my own charity
Favorite Book: The Roots of Heaven
Favorite Movie: Any Tarantino movie
Eco Sin: Have left a few unsightly cigarette butts in my past

Nickname: “Nicoll”
Hobbies: Photography, movies
Heroes: Lemmy
Aspirations: To become proficient in video editing
Favorite Book: How to Know if Your Cat is Trying to Kill You
Favorite Movie: Almost Famous, Blade Runner, Mean Girls
Eco Sin: I have a 1965 Dodge Dart! It is old but at least it’s not landfill!

Assistant Warehouse Manager
Nickname: “Vic”
Hobbies: Cycling, Painting, Hiking
Heroes: Father, Johnny Knoxville, Morrisey
Aspirations: Travel & Explore, Live on my own
Favorite Book: A Million Little Pieces by James Fray
Favorite Movie: Lords of Dogtown
Eco Sin: Disposing cigarette butts on the floor rather than in the trash. I want to improve on that.

Warehouse Fill Production
Nickname: “Drew”
Hobbies: Riding bikes, following up on music, and hiking / outdoors
Heroes: Parents and my two brothers
Aspirations: Aspire to travel out of the U.S. and master the piano
Favorite Book: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
Favorite Movie: Blade Runner 2049
Eco Sin: Regret eating honey as a vegan…my relationship with bees is not too good

Nickname: “Rick”
Hobbies: Movie Trivia, Playing Golf with my son Taylor
Heroes: Everybody that goes to work every day
Aspirations: Kindness and being authentic every day
Favorite Book: To Kill A Mockingbird
Favorite Movie: Lawrence Of Arabia
Eco Sin: Using far too many paper towels

Nickname: “K-doll”
Hobbies: Reading and Singing
Heroine: Michelle Obama
Aspirations: To become the entrepreneur of the decade!
Favorite Book: The Lord of the Rings
Favorite Movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Eco Sin: I use plastic straws

Founder / Owner / Office Boy
Nickname: “Hair Apparent-NOT; Boy Wander”
Hobbies: Eco travel, seeking Dengue Fever
Heroes: Clark Kent, John Wayne, Roberto Clemente, my Father, or any self-effacing noble
Aspirations: Who said I have ass-perspiration?
Favorite Book: Sundog by Jim Harrison
Favorite Movie: Empire Records, Blazing Saddles
Eco Sin: Drives a 1990 VW Westphalia that gets 16 MPG but reeks of hippie coolness and, worse, insatiable travel