Office Environmentalism

Office Environmentalism

Designed by Staff as “Funky International Adult Kindergarten”

  • Bottle-less, but Filtered Water-Coolers Eliminate Bottled Water
  • Skylights / Lots of windows for Natural Lighting
  • We average less than 1500kw per employee ANNUAL
  • T-5 fixtures Florescent Lighting Throughout Facilities
  • Non-toxic Paint Throughout Facilities
  • Used (previously owned?) Office Furniture
  • Flooring tiles are 2nds (saving money and waste)
  • Natural Venturi Air System Virtually Eliminates Need for A/C
  • 40% of Employees Carpool
  • 25% Employees Telecommute
  • Nearly Paperless Office (some hotels require paper invoicing, packaging slips, etc.)
  • All Internal Documents are printed on Scrap Paper
  • Dual Flush Toilet
  • Waterless Urinals
  • Bathroom sink aerators are 0.5 gallons per minute
  • Employees Recycle Glass, Paper, Plastic, Metals and Cardboard for Charity


Hat Rack

Shoes Off

Shoe Rack


No More Ties

Stairwell Looking Down

Stairwell Artwork

Camel Blanket

Balinese Art

Loft Area

Green Suites Mascots?

The Big Fish at Green Suites

Burke Is That You?



Ball O’ Fun

Green Suites In Action


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