EcoRooms Energy Efficient Water Efficient Waste Reducing Non Toxic

You Get…

Waste Reducing Amenity Dispensers

Green Liquid Care Products

Linen & Towel Reuse Program

Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

Water Efficient Showerheads

Marketing Materials

Use of the EcoRoom® trademarked name & logo

Plus over a dozen more durable and consumable products!

You Pay…

Pennies per room

You Save…

On lower utilities and labor, free shipping, single source ordering and billing saving our planet’s valuable resources

Going Green is Easy!

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What Are EcoRoom Accommodations?

EcoRoom Accommodations feature over a dozen guestroom products that are energy efficient, water efficient, waste reducing, non-toxic or biodegradable. A customizable green marketing program designed to meet your environmental goals & marketing needs.

“Guests love our EcoRooms and it’s saved us thousands of dollars.”

Howard Cohen

VP and General Manager

Clise Hotels Inc.

Why EcoRoom Accommodations?


  • Your guests WIN with natural amenities, healthier cleaning products, vibrant showerheads and the good feeling of helping the environment
  • Environment WINS with reduced water, energy, pollution, waste and green house gases
  • Hotel WINS with immediate savings WITHOUT CAPITAL COSTS
  • Free shipping
  • Green marketing advantage
  • Many products already qualify for various green certification programs
  • Lower accounting & operational costs with single source ordering and billing

How Do Hotels Save With EcoRoom Accommodations?
  • Lower energy costs
  • Lower water costs
  • Lower waste hauling costs
  • Lower labor costs
  • Lower linen replacement cost
  • Lower amenity cost