President / Sales & Marketing
Nickname: "Spicoli"
Hobbies: Music, hiking, bicycling, camping, bowling, outdoor recreation, sports
Heroes: Single Parents, Gautama Buddha, Rory Gallagher
Aspirations: Travel, produce a musical masterpiece, bowl a perfect game
Favorite Book: Shogun
Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski
Eco Sin: Guilty of taking out a fair share of bushes while off-roading
Sales & Account Management
Nickname: "Krissy"
Hobbies: Walking, hiking, bowling, bicycling, baking, cooking
Heroes: Grandfather
Aspirations: To see Machu Picchu
Favorite Book: Memoirs of a Geisha
Favorite Movie: The Empire Strikes Back and anything with Johnny Depp
Eco Sin: Still use hairspray in an aerosol can. Hey, it dries faster!
Joshua Grouped.jpg
Accounting / Purchasing
Nickname: “Mosh Dude”
Hobbies: Music, Cars, Outdoor Stuff
Heroes: My Dad and Grandfather
Aspirations: Finish College and Become a CPA
Favorite Book: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Favorite Movie: Back to the Future Part 1
Eco Sin: Pressing the Gas Pedal a Little too Hard!
Sales & Account Management
Nickname: “Leelee" by my kids (Lisa without the "A”)
Hobbies: Cooking until I set off the smoke detector, baking, sewing and walking
Heroes: The best Dad I could ever wish for
Aspirations: To find my old figure, always being able to give and someday have a Green Eco-Rating
Favorite Book: The Promise
Favorite Movie: Little Miss Sunshine and of course The Promise
Eco Sin: I had a foam coffee cup addiction
Marketing Coordinator
Nickname: "Jake the Snake"
Hobbies: Music, Games, Anything fast
Heroes: Marvel or DC?
Aspirations: To convince Congress to change the national anthem to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"
Favorite Book: The Last Centurion by John Ringo
Favorite Movie: Gran Torino and Saving Private Ryan
Eco Sin: Drives everywhere, even just down the street to see friends.
Warehouse Manager
Nickname: “Monty”
Hobbies: Fishing, Cooking, Concerts and Hockey Games
Heroes: My Pops
Aspirations: Indulge in world wide culinary travel
Favorite Book: A Salty Piece of Land
Favorite Movie: Captain Courageous
Eco Sin: I don't always reuse the coffee grounds as compost
Sales & Customer Service
Nickname: "Hollie Dolly"
Hobbies: Scuba Diving, Hiking, Sewing, Reading
Heroes: My Parents and Grandpa
Aspirations: Backpack Europe
Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice of course! And The Princess Bride
Eco Sin: I like to drive fast!
Nickname: "Dan the Man"
Hobbies: PC Gaming, Hanging out with friends
Heroes: Lone Survivor - Navy SEALs
Aspirations: To grow old and retire
Favorite Book: The Rogue Squadron series
Favorite Movie: Star Wars Episodes 4 through 7
Eco Sin: I run my PC in performance mode
Nickname: "CJ"
Hobbies: Soccer, Video games
Heroes: Luke Skywalker
Aspirations: To own a business
Favorite Book: All Quiet on the Western Front
Favorite Movie: Star Wars
Eco Sin: I leave the faucet on when brushing my teeth
Dan Bornholdt
Founder / Owner / Office Boy
Nickname: “Hair Apparent-NOT; Boy Wander”
Hobbies: Eco travel, seeking Dengue Fever
Heroes: Clark Kent, John Wayne, Roberto Clemente, my Father, or any self-effacing noble
Aspirations: Who said I have ass-perspiration?
Favorite Book: Sundog by Jim Harrison
Favorite Movie: Empire Records, Blazing Saddles
Eco Sin: Drives a 1990 VW Westphalia that gets 16 MPG but reeks of hippie coolness and, worse, insatiable travel