About Green Suites

Green Suites Hotel Solutions was founded in January of 1993 by a small, enthusiastic group of "green capitalists" and is headquartered in Upland, CA under the watchful gaze of 10,000 ft. Mt Baldy along the San Gabriel Mountain range of Southern California. Our staff believes that the valuable resources of our environment can best be protected and saved through the machinations of capitalism and are dedicated to providing our customers profitable solutions along with environmental benefits.

Trademarks: "Green Suites" and the Green Suites logo are protected by trademark and copyright laws.

Our Mission: The mission of Green Suites Hotel Solutions is to provide the lodging industry with profitable solutions which enhance, preserve and promote the environment.

Who buys from Green Suites Hotel Solutions? We have over 4000 hotel customers in 50 states and 45 countries (Europe, Asia, etc) from exclusive resorts in exotic locations to family-run roadside properties in the middle of nowhere and even 50 miles beyond nowhere.

What is Green? After decades in the "green" biz, we believe there is No Such Thing As "GREEN," there is only "Green-er" and "Green-er-est." What we mean is that "Green" is a process not a destination. New technologies, economics, social values, and global climate all change the definition of "Green" daily. Let's all continue to be "Green-er" just as some will step that up and claim a mantle of "Green-er-est," but let's never think that we've arrived and can settle in and down to complacency.

Why be Greener? Save natural resources, reduce operation costs, gain competitive advantage and improve health and morale of employees and guests.

We understand Hotels: We supply hotels and only hotels. We speak the language of hotels and know hotels have the hardest job in the world—opening their arms to weary strangers. We understand the importance of guest satisfaction, employee safety and keeping a strong ADR.

We understand the Environment: We've worked with such organizations as Green Seal, the EPA (WAVE Program, Green Lights and Green Buildings), CERES, Net Impact and the Rocky Mountain Institute.

We understand the Bottomline: Our lives, our culture, our greatness in the western world, are driven by our strong economy. We deeply believe that only through competitive pricing, short ROIs and strong marketing will the environment be preserved for our children and their children's children.